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Doreme Fasol latido
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Saturday, March 1st, 2014
12:49 pm
Teatrum Mundi continued
So, I have written an abstract which I submitted to Ms. Murphy, and I have now put together a CV of primarily my re-enactment experiences not great but, well we'll see. Ms. Murphy has responded and said that the CV is fine and that our abstract, with some input from a colleague, has been adjusted to better fit the program.

Today was the deadline for submission so, I suppose we will see what happens. I have already started the paperwork for a passport and then I suppose it will just be saving up the funds to actually get there.

Thus far though, I have to say that the experience has been really wonderful. Finally committing to a passion of which I have held basically all my life has given me renewed interest and energy. I realize that in most things the worst that can happen is that you are denied but, as a friend once told me, you have to keep promoting yourself to obtain your goal. I'm no longer afraid of being told no, as I can now (finally) see it for my necessity of doing better, and that is what I plan to do......be better.

better living through the arts!
Thursday, February 13th, 2014
9:39 pm
Teatrum Mundi
Stepped in and then stepped right back out again, and well, here I am again.

Things have been a stead rollercoaster ride of which I know all my problems stem from my employment. That place is honestly just sucking the very life out of me and turning me into a bitter person. Hopefully though things will turn around not so much at my work but, with myself and the things I am really interested in. Let me take ya back a few months:

It all started because I wanted to find information on an author so, I sought her out. Out of sheer silliness I asked myself to check Facebook because, you know everyone's on Facebook......uhm wow! she's on Facebook! I looked at her postings and her pics so yes, in a single day I cyber stalked her! But, it was a portrait of a young lady that urged me to save it, then post it on another group to discuss. This led to the moderator and I discussing where I had gotten from and he contacted her to urge her to join the group and chat about the portrait. She later contacted me and we have been chatting ever since. Last month I posted something and she messaged me about a Conference sponsored by the Medici Archives on the topic of Cosimo I, de Medici and she had a radical idea of co-presenting a paper and would I be interested in doing that? As I have mentioned elsewhere I completely freaked out! part of me ran through all the reasons I was encapable of and could not do this and yet a little voice inside said you have just been asked by one of your favorite authors to co-present a paper on one of your favorite subjects.......HELL YES!!!

So, currently I am in the middle of writing an abstract for her (I am really hoping it isn't complete dreck and she likes it), and then we have to present before the deadline and see if we get accepted. IF we get accepted the presentation will be in Florence Italy!!! So this would basically be a double dream come true!! Right now I just need to tell people what I am doing because, if I don't and if I do not continue to speak about where I am in accomplishing my goals then I will not do it. I will just keep it all inside and let the voice of failure tell me what to do. I want this! I'm not really sure if we will get accepted but, this will offer me the courage later on to write another abstract for the Medici Archives and see about getting into their paleography class which is something I would love to do.

So, here it is me telling the Universe what I intend to do. The abstract has been written, short actually, and sent off. I told her I have never written one and to be hard on her appraisal of it because I want to strive to do better. So we will see. It's past time for me to start doing and enjoying the things I really love and if somehow, I can find a way to make it a career or make money out of my enjoyment then I intend to grab Fortuna by the hair and ride her til she knocks me off!

Oh and Teatrum Mundi it's kinda my working title: "Teatrum Mundi: Cosimo de Medici's interactive archives and it's use in interactive theatre.
Friday, September 20th, 2013
1:13 pm
For the past few years before I knew that I was "of the gout" I would occassionaly get lingering pain in my hamstrings and knees. My shins, hamstrings and feet would ache and swell up some nothing to bad but, it lingered for a few days and I always thought i had more to do with wearing my faire boots or walking to much at work then anything else.

After I was diagnosed with the gout, I noticed that these same symptoms have occured and especially both times before I had a full gout attack. Last week I started to get the aches in my knees and my feet were hurting so, I looked on line to see what I could do to prevent an attack of gout. Everyone said lose weight, well duh! but until I reach that level what else is there? I came across one site that said you have to break the cycle.

The cycle for gout goes like this:
1.the body builds up excess uric acid at this point you don't really feel anything.

2. Acute flares, joint inflammation. The uric acid crystalizes in your body settling in the joint areas and of course in your lower extremities this is why a goutie foot is common.

3. Your body sends white blood cells to figure out why things are getting inflammed. They discover the uric acid crystals and attack. These crystals are like dagger or needle shards they end up bursting the white blood cells which release proteins which summon more white blood cells which end up lowering the Ph levels in the area allowing yet more uric acid to form more crystals!

4. Acute Gout which is frequent and constant joint pain with possible accompanying lumps and bumps. The latter are when you really have it bad! I thankfully (I suppose) have only had the constant and frequent joint pain. Oh yeah! and your foot swells up like a ballon! Forget shoes get yourself some big ol slippers or flipflops!!

So the secret here from what I read is to stop the cycle between step 2 and 3. And how is that done you ask? Simply put, in any frakking way possible!! If you are aware of your symptoms, as I am now, the guys site recommended you take your prescribed medication whatever that may be, for me that meant ibuprofen or aleve everyday, drink ALOT of water and minimize the amount of purines taken into your body. The latter is kinda hard as everything has purines in it which the body breaks down into uric acid and this passes in urine. But, there are foods that have less of it then others and it's usually the green leafy type.

So, I had the symptoms and I decided to follow the advice, took myself completely off diet soda and drank water continously all day, every day! Stayed away from spinach which is high in purines and had other fruits and vegetables and chewed ibuprofen like candy. And I'll be damned!!! It WORKED!!!
After a few days, my knees and feet started to feel normal again and even during the first couple of days I noticed though my foot and especially toe was a little sore with occassional twinges of pain it never swelled!

So, one little skirmish engaged and won!! Now to continue the battle to be rid of it forever! :)
Saturday, September 14th, 2013
2:50 pm
Cut loose
Nothing like getting your teeth kicked in when your down....ah well.

In the vague book kind of way, I have been made aware of how un-important I am.

I was slightly aware of it but, blinded myself to the truth and yet today, despite all best intentions
the realization that I all my efforts have been for naught really hurts. And then of course my car
goes from bad to worse. I know the cause of the problems, the gear shift solenoids, but am unsure if the
rest of the transmission has been affected as well.

Financially, it's fixable IF it's just the solenoids if, its the transmission that needs to
be overhauled I am screwed. Looks like I may start biking to work, won't that be a journey! :P

Ah well, maybe it is in fact better that a cut loose completely from ties that continue to hinder me.

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, September 5th, 2013
10:41 pm
Oaken the Long Weekend
This past weekend was pretty wonderful. Zanonda and I did a lot of what we call "Oaken" in which we decide to visit places in Oakland we haven't been before to discover what is there. We started off walking from my house into downtown and around Lake Merritt then, back up into the Uptown area. We found a number of neat little diners and a few new bars we are considering checking out coming up.

Zanonda laughed a great deal which always makes me happy and she was surprised to discover just how close everything is to my house. She has stated there is no reason to drive downtown anymore as it's close enough to walk and we are walkers now. :)

Sunday was spent up in Tildon Park walking the trails up there with Ninadog. She's getting slower but, still has a lot of energy whenever we go up there and she does her best to keep up. Zanonda and I have been making up a children's cautionary tale as we walk the trail in which, we have both decided we both have come up with some rather horrible alien species of plantforms! But, it's fun and we are beginning to fine tune the tale.

Monday was again spent walking the Lake Merritt path which was really nice despite the humidity. There were lots of folks out and all very happy and relaxed.

Health is good, mental health is good.

Have you Oaked lately!?
Monday, August 26th, 2013
7:08 pm
car stuff
The car started acting up over this last weekend. The transmission wasn't engaging like it should, give it gas it revs but, takes a bit of time to actually get going. And you know how the car is supposed to move forward when you take off the brake and your in gear? yeah doesn't really do that right now.

I got some transmission fluid, and added that as I know the thing has leaked in the past. Thought about it today as well about when, the last time I had a flush and thought it could not have been that long ago but then, my perception of time over the last year or so has been rather distorted.

On the way home today it seemed to improve the longer I drove so, hopefully it's just that it needed some fluid. If it continues to be operationally smooth I will take it in the first chance I get for a filter and fluid change. Cross fingers!

Beyond that a fairly good week despite having to come home early on wednsday due to "anxiety/panic" attack?? still not quite sure what happened although, I felt better later that evening and was more then well enough to go into work the next day. Tomorrow, I am setting an appointment and have a talk with the dr. about all this.
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013
11:40 am
Into the Fog
Today is a bad day. I made sure I ate this morning before taking meds and yet, I am once again experiencing shakes and anxiety. Thus far it's like waves just washing over me, and I barely keeping my head above the water. I'm going from feeling scattered to wanting to break down and cry and spacing out all at the same time.

Maybe I did'nt eat enough so, I will take lunch soon.

Need to figure this out, and insure I can regulate or eliminate it from my future. Right now though the fog and heaviness is just getting thicker and deeper

Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
2:24 pm
Catching on
It seems that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day once again. I've been making sure to get a good breakfast before taking meds and heading off to work. Last week it seems to have made the difference in how my days started off and ended. It was quiet here at work so, that may have helped as well but, the energy has definitely been better.

Zanonda and I went up to Tilden Park on Sunday and walked the trail we usually take. It was beautiful out and the sun, walk and company were wonderful as always, I'm looking forward to more walking on the weekends.

I've been contemplating Northern Faire, and I believe I have decided not to participate this year. I am not ready in any way, shape or form for a faire run at present. So, instead I will probably just visit this year and see friends etc. for a weekend or two.

Tonight is workout night, time to get my physical health back.
Thursday, August 8th, 2013
12:30 pm
Feeling Lazarus like
Of late, I have found I need to start getting things out of my head so that, they don't continuously roll around inside and drive me crazy. So, I am glad LJ is still here.

I have been having problems lately with my depression and anti-depressants. I had thought that since I had stopped doing southern faire, and my work situation had gotten better my usual trips down the rabbit hole would ease up in the latter months. Initially during the spring, it did and I was feeling glad that I made the decisions I had but, it does'nt seem to have lasted and in fact, almost coincides with how I usually got depressed after the run of faire.

It's been going like a roller coaster ride especially after, I was impaired by gout for the second time after which, both Zanonda and I changed my diet. And I think it's mostly my fault as I'm not always a big breakfast eater and lunch and dinner these days is primarily vegan. Sleep has also been a problem with the ghost in the house making it's presence known a little more often as well as, my CPAP machine not working properly or more correctly, me finding ways to open my mouth thereby disturbing my sleep cycle as well. I am trying hard to put myself to bed before 12 p.m. but, Mondays I am at work at 4a.m. and then I am up the rest of the day and evening. I get so wired around 8 that I cannot get to sleep and stay up til 2 or so blargh!

Last night I forced myself to get to bed at 10 and got good sleep. I made breakfast this morning and the anti-depressants, and depression seems to have leveled off for now. Will have to continue what I have started and see what happens. The next thing of course is to work on my weight last year, I dropped 38 pounds in 40 days during Lent and was able to get back into my costume for faire with room to spare but, that was also the first time I was afflicted with gout a week after I stopped. Subsequently, I have put it all back on and more. I need to start working out again but, the depression and fatigue have had me maintain a sit on my ass attitude of which I have to shake somehow more then the odd weekend walks we do.

I've been broken inside for the last five years and I need to put myself back together and start living properly once again!
Thursday, January 19th, 2012
1:37 am
Shirt update
Okay so, I've been lazy and put off the project or more correct, it took me a while to clean up my place so that, I could use the table to cut and sew on.

Tonight at 11:30 for some Godforsaken reason, I laid out the material and following the destructions in TudorTailor measured and cut out the fabric for the shirt. I can tell already that the sleeves are going to be to small even though I added a couple of inches but, thats okay I learned a couple of things already and have written down the necessary measurements for when I get the linen.

The gusset for the sleeve did'nt make any sense for a little bit, could've been the late hour probably just me. After reading the destruction and re-reading them I layed everything out and it still did'nt make sense so, I reread it again. In the midst of moving things around, I suddenly understood it, it was like someone drew out on a chalkboard in my head! So I went ahead and stitched it in Hmmmm yeah, that was wrong but, I realized my mistake immediately and changed it.

Currently both sleeves are completed and waiting to be attached to the body.

I will post pics when I get this all done tomorrow night. This is rather simple really. :)

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, January 9th, 2012
4:02 pm
Time to do more
In an effort to improve skills, I will be making a shirt for faire starting this week. I scored a copy of Tudor Tailor at Moe's bookstore in Berkeley and will be using the shirt pattern from that. I've got some cotton stuff that a co-worker was throwing out and will be using that to practice with before I make a purchase of linen for the real thing.

As I have been doing cross-stitch I will be trying my hand at doing some some black or red work on the collar and cuff......simple pattern so, when I start it on the linen, I can get it done in time the beginning of faire.

Will post pics when I am done! Weeeeee!!

Oh! and Hi All! :)
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
3:48 pm
Got this from a friend who apologized for posting it as I do!
Really I'm sorry LOL!!

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
2:10 pm
Image of the Black in Western Art
A new edition to the already fantastic series of Black images in Western Art.

The newest is entitled "The Image of the Black in Western art:From the age of Discovery to the age of abolition"

If you have not seen them I highly recommend that you get thee to a library or start saving to make purchases.

"We're Everywhere!"

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
8:15 pm
Been a while.... ah well. :)

I had the most pleaseant "conversation" on Facebook today concerning the characters of Emilia and Desdemona from Othello and a quote from Ignatius Loyola or more correctly the Bible.

It was fun, I mean really fun to have that conversation, and to come to an agreement about what, what we think, Shakespeare was saying about gender inequality through the words of these two women. Emilia, married, experienced in the world of men and politics and Desdemona newlywed and still in the the flush of new love.

Wish I could do a lot more of it.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
12:17 pm
Last King of Hawaii's Death in San Francisco
My friend Tom posted this to his F.B.

Sad he passed away while away from his home and family.

There is a gentleman at the Dickens Christmas Fair here in San Francisco that portrays the King. I have always enjoyed and appreciated his performance.

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
4:23 pm
Monday, July 26th, 2010
4:35 pm
Janelle Monae in San Francisco
Review here:

She was freaking amazing!! This is the absolute best musical performance I have ever witnessed!!
Monday, April 26th, 2010
12:52 pm
Native American Response to Burning Man Party

"More than fifty Bay Area Native American rights activists converged on the historic East Oakland property at 9:30 p.m. to ensure the shutdown of popular Burning Man group Visionary Village's "Go Native!" party. The fired-up Hopis, Kiowas and other tribal members spent more than four hours lecturing the handful of white, college-class Burners about cultural sensitivity until some of them simply broke down crying. The emotional crescendo capped a month-long saga that started with a tone-deaf dance party flyer, led to an Internet flame war and a public excoriation of Visionary Village's young, neo-hippy leaders before real tribal elders in the East Bay demanded a cancellation of the event."

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
10:35 am
Happy Birthday LadyKalessia
Hope you have a wonderful day and evening of celebrations, fun, friends and love.

Friday, March 26th, 2010
1:10 pm
Humanities West Lecture Series on the Medici in San Francisco!
Uhm Roxanne mark you calendar for April 22nd cuz we may have to go to this lecture and music of Francesca Caccini!!

25th Anniversary Season

The Florence of the Medici:
Commerce, Power, and Art in Renaissance Italy
April 30 and May 1, 2010
Herbst Theatre, San Francisco

Out of a small but fiercely competitive city of some 60,000 inhabitants there erupted, between the 14th and 17th centuries, a torrent of artistic and intellectual creativity that transformed western culture. The wealth of the city, and especially of its rulers, the Medici, whose patronage and influence embraced much of Italy and beyond, made possible an outburst of artistic and intellectual innovations that had consequences throughout Europe. Home to Dante, Toscanelli (the geographer who inspired Columbus), Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and Galileo, Florence in these years was at the cutting edge of changes that eventually were to shape the modern world.

Moderator: Theodore Rabb, PhD (History), Emeritus, Princeton University

> Learn more about this program's presenters

> View our Suggested Reading and Resources for this program

> Ticketholders may request the special edition educational resource/reader

Schedule of Events

Friday, April 30, 2010
8:15 pm until 10:15 pm

"For the glory of God and the honor of the city, and the commemoration of myself:" Cosimo de' Medici's Patronage of Art
Keynote Address.
Dale Kent (History, UC Riverside).
Cosimo de’ Medici achieved power in his lifetime and fame beyond it through his outstanding skills in business and politics—civic, Italian, and international. But he captured the imagination of his contemporaries and has remained an almost legendary figure of history largely because he devoted much of his wealth to patronage of the greatest artists of the early Renaissance. This lecture will examine the image that Cosimo’s commissions expressed; his dedication to family, friends and city, his concern for salvation after death, and his pleasure in the cultivated enjoyment of this life.

Public Sculpture in the Florence of the Medici
Loren Partridge (Art History, UC Berkeley).
The extraordinary marble and bronze freestanding figures embellishing the public spaces of Florence constitute some of the greatest glories of Renaissance art. Bold and inventive, thanks to the intense pressure of public scrutiny and artistic rivalry, these monumental works represent some of the most significant aesthetic achievements within Medicean Florence. They register and construct the city’s shifting political discourse across two centuries. Works discussed include Donatello’s gilt bronze St. Louis of Toulouse (1422-25), Verrocchio’s bronze Christ and Doubting Thomas (1467-83), Michelangelo’s marble David (1501-04), Bandindelli’s marble Hercules and Cacus (1534), Cellini’s bronze Perseus Beheading Medusa (1554), Danti’s marble Cosimo I as Augustus (1572-73), and Giambologna’s Equestrian Monument to Cosimo I (1594).

Saturday, May 1, 2010
10:00 am until 12 noon & 1:30 to 4:00 pm

Creating the Uffizi: The Medici and Their Museum
Paula Findlen (History, Stanford University).
The Uffizi gallery is one of the most enduring legacies of the Medici. This lecture traces the multiple transformations of the Medici collections, from the origins under Cosimo il Vecchio to the creation of the gallery in the sixteenth century and its reinvention as a public museum in the eighteenth century. What was the meaning of this collection for the Medici? How did it become one of the most famous and visited museums in the world?

The Birth of a New Politics
Theodore Rabb (History, Princeton University).
Even as Florence alternated between the rule of the Medici and a more broadly-based republican structure, two of her citizens were rethinking the very nature of politics and political destiny. Machiavelli and Guicciardini were neighbors; both served the city's government; and both were experienced diplomats. Both, too, were students of history. But Guicciardini's conclusions were deeply pessimistic. Machiavelli, on the other hand, fashioned a way of thinking about political life that offered scope for human action, and his ideas were to influence thought and behavior for generations.

Musical Performance.
The rich and florid secular music of the courts of the Italian trecento. Susan Rode Morris (soprano), Michelle Levy and Shira Kammen (vielles and medieval harp), present a selection of compositions from this era of astonishing and gorgeous musical styles. The songs concern love and politics, and the instrumental dances represent a spicy and highly ornamented repertoire.

Michelangelo and the Medici: A Forced Relationship?
Morten Steen Hansen (Art History, Stanford University).
At the funeral of Michelangelo (1475-1564) in Florence, orchestrated by the newly founded Accademia del Disegno under the patronage of Duke Cosimo I, Michelangelo was praised as the Florentine genius who had perfected Tuscan style. Nurtured in the sculpture garden of Lorenzo de Medici, Michelangelo had made the school of Florence superior to any other artistic school, and his art was taken to prove Tuscan cultural hegemony inseparable from the Medici family. The same Michelangelo had, however, carved a Brutus in celebration of the assassination of Alessandro de Medici, the first duke of Florence. This lecture explores the conflicted relationship between artist and the Florentine family.

Panel Discussion with all Presenters

Related Events

Humanities Book Discussion with Lynn Harris
The Montefeltro Conspiracy: A Renaissance Mystery Decoded by Marcello Simonetta
April 14, 2010
5:30 to 6:30 pm

The Board Room
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
595 Market Street, San Francisco

Free to the public

For more information: commonwealthclub.org
For reservations click here.

Medicean Music and Francesca Caccini: Virtuosa to the Medici
Kip Cranna (SF Opera) and Richard Savino (CSU Sacramento)
April 22, 2010

5:00 Reception
Hosted by Humanities West sponsor Rangoni Firenze Shoes
on the street level of the Mechanics’ Institute Building
61 Post Street, San Francisco

6 pm Lecture
Mechanics’ Institute
57 Post Street, San Francisco

Kip Cranna will briefly introduce us to music in the Medicean world. Richard Savino will discuss Francesca Caccini, composer of the first published opera by a woman, including her role within the Medici court, her relationship with her father, Giulio Caccini ( author of the most important singing treatise of the early Baroque period), and her friendship with Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the most important women painters of the early seventeenth century.

Fireside Chat with George Hammond
A Medici Preview
April 27, 2010
7 pm
Orinda Library, Orinda
Free to the public

Refuge and Recognition: Artemisia Gentileschi in Florence, 1613-1620
Andrea Husby
April 28, 2010
5:30 reception, 6 pm Lecture
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
595 Market Street, San Francisco

$8 for Commonwealth Club members
$15 for non-members

In 1971, the art historian Linda Nochlin asked the question,”Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” In response, art historians have rediscovered the lives and work of dozens of women artists who enjoyed well deserved reputations during their own lifetimes but had been lost to Western art history. Among these women, Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652/4), whose personal life was as dramatic as her paintings, enjoyed an international reputation on a par with many of her male contemporaries. One of the first women artists to live exclusively on income from her artwork, Artemisia’s recognition as a professional artist began in Florence under the patronage of Cosimo II de’ Medici. Choosing themes that resonated not only with the history of this great art center, but also with the fortunes of fate of the de’ Medici dynasty itself, the Florentine phase of Artemisia’s long career produced masterpieces for which she is now accorded a place among the illustrious artists of the Baroque Period.

For more information: commonwealthclub.org
For reservations click here.

The Rediscovery of Composer Allessandro Striggio’s Great Mass
Davitt Moroney (UC Berkeley), introduced by Roger Hahn
April 29, 2010
5:00 pm
UC Berkeley Faculty Club

Information: 510 540 5678

Free to the public

Humanities West’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Benefit
Friday, April 30, 2010
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
Cucina Toscana, in the Green Room (above the Herbst Theatre)
War Memorial Performing Arts Building in San Francisco

Immediately prior to Humanities West’s Friday evening program on The Florence of the Medici at the Herbst Theatre (ticketed separately), Humanities West will host our 25th Anniversary Celebration Benefit.

Open to the public! $75.

Sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute.
Catered by C’Era Una Volta.
Wine compliments of Rubicon Estate.

Tickets for the Medici program and the 25th Anniversary Benefit are both now available at
City Box Office: 415 392 4400.

Contact City Box Office directly, or download the reservations form.

Friends Luncheon
May 1, 2010
12 noon

687 McAllister San Francisco, CA 94102

$45 per person
All donors to Humanities West are invited.
For reservations, email us , or download the reservations form.

Space is limited. Reserve early.

Post-Program Salon
May 6, 2010
5:30 pm Reception, 6 pm Salon
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
595 Market Street, San Francisco

$8 for Commonwealth Club members
$15 for non-members

For more information: commonwealthclub.org
For reservations click here.

Humanities Book Discussion with Lynn Harris
An Italian Renaissance Sextet by Lauro Martines
June 15, 2010
5:30 to 6:30 pm

The Board Room
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
595 Market Street, San Francisco

Free to the public

For more information: commonwealthclub.org
For reservations click here.

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